About KD Crew
The Usual Blurb

KD Productions was formed in 2007 and we have grown to become one of the premier crew suppliers in the industry. In that time we have worked on everything from Stadium Rock N Roll Shows, Arena Concerts, 2012 Olympics, West End/Regional and Touring Theatre, Corporate Events, Festivals and Fashion Shows. There isn’t a major Theatre or Live music venue left that our crew haven’t been to.

In 2012 we added Production Carpentry to our services and that has since expanded to KD now running an 8000 sq ft set/scenic workshop, which operates alongside our crew booking service. This also offers a training platform for our carpenters also. Many crew who started as just crew are now experienced carpenters. In 2018 KD rebranded its ‘Productions’ and ‘Crew’ part of the business separately to define clearly define the services on offer.

In 2014 we introduced our own custom built in house ‘KD Manager’ system. The most advanced crew booking system in the industry. We can book, offer and fill crew calls incredibly fast with the way our integrated system works. For 2018 we have expanded this to now allow clients to book directly onto the manager and offer jobs out to our premium crew directly, just as we do. So those last minute calls where you need some crew ASAP can be booked and offered online.

KD has always maintained a strong ethical approach to our crew; we keep commission low and pay our crew higher rates than anyone, yet remaining competitive in the industry. Some of our crew have been with us 10 years from the start; very few companies could say the same.
The stuff that matters...
2018 Rates
3 Hour Call £60.00
5 Hour Call £80.00
Additional Hours £14.00
Night Rate up to 6 Hours £15.00
Night Rate beyond 6 Hours £25.00
Crew Boss £15.00
Standard Rates  
6 Hour Call £135.00
12 Hour Call £240.00
Production Rates  
12 Hour Day £275.00
How does our new site work?
Our new system allows you to create and manage your event crew bookings online. The system is an extension to our KD Manager system, developed in-house by KD. Your bookings can be offered direct to our premium crew team and in most cases your booking requirements can be fulfilled in minutes. Everything happens in real time and you are notifed automatically by our server when our crew have accepted your booking.

The price for the booking is calculated automatically, and over the coming weeks, new features such as booking carpenters, our Luton Van and online payments will become active.
Feeling old fashioned?
You can still book the old way by emailing bookings@kdcrew.co.uk